If you’re looking to bring on some new employees, you might be having a hard time attracting high-quality applicants who are willing to work for you. What are today’s job seekers looking for in a career opportunity, and how can you communicate to the potential employees that your business is worth working for? Let’s take a look.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword that people throw around. It’s a really important part of the modern workplace. Your employees need time off to pursue their hobbies and spend time with their friends and families! People work to live, they don’t live to work. No matter how important your business is to you, it’s just a job to your employees.

Managing a good work-life balance isn’t that tough, either. Make sure your employees have clear clock-in and clock-out times and try to not let alone stick around after it’s time for them to go. If you let their time slip, people can start to feel like their “end of the day” times are just suggestions, which erodes the line that needs to exist between work and home.

Time Off

This is part of work-life balance, but it’s also important just for your employees’ mental health. Everyone needs at least two weeks of paid time off per year. Don’t look at this like you’re paying them to do nothing: you’re paying them to secure their loyalty to your business and their mental health.

Studies have shown time and again that well-rested employees who feel respected enough to be allowed time off are generally more productive than people who are expected to work tirelessly and given no paid time off. So, make sure you’re affording your employees a chance to rest and recharge.

Clear Direction

Everyone wants a purpose and direction in life. Make sure your employees know where they stand with the company and what the path to climbing to a higher position looks like. If there aren’t clear guidelines showing your employees how they can advance with the company, they could begin to feel aimless and lost.

And, take from the voice of experience, there is nothing as poisonous to a business as workers feeling aimless and underappreciated. Workers who don’t see a path forward will often just spin their wheels, uninterested in ever getting better at their jobs. Reward hard work and loyalty with consistent feedback and pay increases so that your people know you appreciate them.